This is an overview of Dr. Merritt/Premiere PT’s practice and his dedication to the synergistic working of physical therapy with a physical medicine M.D. to enhance and improve the patient’s outcome.  The fundamental principle of PM&R, physical medicine and rehabilitation is to improve the patient’s functional level by removing barriers to improvement or recovery.

    Formerly known as the staff of Laguna Spine & Sports Medicine,  now reorganized as  Dr. Merritt/Premiere PT now run by Patrick Le, PT. Dr. Merritt/Patrick Le and staff continue to work enthusiastically serving their patients rehabilitation needs for the last 10 years. Every day this group of highly trained professionals works synergistically to improve their patients’ baseline function and remove barriers to improvement and ultimately enhance their quality of life...

    Dr. Merritt specializes in interventional spine care, orthopedic medicine, nonsurgical joint care with precision diagnoses and individually designed treatment programs including pain management, adjunctive medication, joint and soft tissue interventions including PRP, prolotherapy, electrodiagnostic medicine(EMG and nerve conduction studies) and interdisciplinary treatment protocols individually designed to meet the patient’s needs. Services including physical therapy, massage therapy, accupuncture, state-of-the-art ultrasound guided soft tissue diagnoses and interventions... Dr. Merritt is dedicated to thorough comprehensive clinical interventions and individually tailored treatment programs for each and every patient.

    Our nonsurgical orthopedic practice has successfully treated athletes/patients for the last 10 years from age ten to ninety nine.  Dr. Merritt has acted as the Sports Medicine Physician for athletes at Irvine Valley College for the last five years.  We would love an opportunity to help you, too.